About Us

The Institute

The Jagelman Institute was initially established to facilitate the teaching, mentoring and consulting gifts of it’s director and founder Dr Ian Jagelman.


Gradually the gifts of others are being recruited in a number of countries (Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and the Czech Republic) who participate in Institute activities.


Through publications, and the website, intellectual property developed by the Institute is being made available to an every increasing number of Christian leaders, organisations and believers worldwide.


The Institute is a non profit organisation which operates on the basis of fees for services provided, sales of intellectual property (books, pamphlets and physical models and live recordings). 


Live teaching downloads and podcasts are free but donations are welcome.


The Institute also receives donations from sponsors.

Vision & Mission


To equip leaders, enable organisations and enrich believers.


To fulfill our vision by:
•    Providing cutting-edge leadership training
•    Mentoring leaders
•    Consulting to Christian organisations
•    Delivering life-changing bible teaching
•    Partnering with organisations with a compatible vision.
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