Identifying and developing Christan Leaders

The self-perception of a leader is critical for focused performance. Jesus knew who He was and spoke openly of it. He said “I am the good shepherd” and other similar statements. I am convinced leaders should know they are ‘gatherers’ and ‘builders’. As a leader one should instinctively gather resources (money, people, etc) and seek to build some thing which endures. It is so easy to spend time and money in a way which has only short term outcomes. This is fine in our ministry roles but not when we function in a leadership capacity.

Ian Jagelman  


Dr Ian Jagelman's new book has been released

Reflections on Lives with Purpose 

This book of Reflections is the first of a new series based on books of the New Testament.  Ian has chosen to start with the writings of Luke (his gospel and the book of Acts). There are 96 Reflections which will challenge and inspire you. They are soundly grounded in the Scriptures but have a practical outworking and often conclude with a challenging question.

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